软件点开,可以通过微信、QQ、手机号登录,三种方式都可以免费登录使用。登录以后,可以选择你要刷题的阶段 。登录完成后即可选择适用,自己的身份或年级










  There are a large number of excellent questions, real questions, and good questions. In the process of brushing the questions, you can see a variety of question types. If a certain type of question appears in the exam, and you have seen it before, the mentality is different. The main purpose is to open up thinking and consolidate knowledge points, and connect the learned knowledge points in series to help you take the exam without worry.

  Crazy Brushing is an online learning software with rich question bank resources, which provides users with a large amount of learning materials, and can learn by brushing questions anytime, anywhere, making learning easier and more efficient. The software can help users find their own shortcomings, and can also detect the mastery of various disciplines to meet users' various learning needs. It covers the subject library of primary school, junior high school and high school, and supports both ends. The subjects and textbook versions here are very complete.

  1. Gather a large number of test papers and real question banks with rich content, and you can brush questions online anytime, anywhere.

  2. The software has a variety of question types, and the question bank for each subject is included, making it easier to prepare for the exam.

  3. A large number of excellent questions, real questions, and good questions are gathered, and various question types are seen in the process of brushing the questions.

  4. Chapter exercises, you can freely choose chapters, keep the progress of chapter exercises, and be practical.

  5. Intensive practice, classify multiple-choice questions, true-false questions, and multiple-choice questions.

  6. Random practice, the system will randomly select questions for students to practice, which is very convenient.

  7. You can choose from a variety of question types, making learning easier, improving your grades quickly, and mastering various knowledge points

  8. Gather a large number of excellent questions, real questions, and good questions, and you can see a variety of question types in the process of brushing the questions

  Open the software, you can log in through WeChat, QQ, and mobile phone numbers. All three methods can be used for free. After logging in, you can choose the stage you want to brush. After logging in, you can choose to apply, your identity or grade

  The software is a learning platform designed for different grades. Therefore, the interface design is very simple. In addition to the courses, there are test preparation areas, high school entrance examination areas, special exercises and other channels. Chinese, mathematics, English, chemistry, biology, geography, history, and politics are all included in it, and there are people who teach , Beijing Normal University, Huada and other different versions.

  The page of the test paper is simple and easy to read in all aspects. The most important thing is that the college entrance examination area has also been set up, which contains the real college entrance examination papers of different subjects, years, regions, and test paper types.

  In addition to a systematic set of mock exam papers, the software also provides "special exercises" to adjust learning based on the user's own shortcomings. If you just can't pass the "reading comprehension", then you can practice only the reading comprehension part, saving time and doing more with less

  Crazy brushing software download link: https://wwm.lanzoum.com/b03d1y6sb

  Password: 4iga



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